Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Mini acrylic abstract art...

Back in my craft room again. this time the absence has largely been due to the extreme heat but thankfully things have finally cooled down.

I have been practising with acrylic paints using some of my A4 Gelli prints as a base and then adding even more paint and pattern.

As a whole the overall result did not look that appealing if I am honest, but there were sections that I did like. So I die cut a rectangular aperture and hovered over my painting until I found the part I wanted to frame. It's amazing how highlighting sections can look so different from the whole piece of art.

Mini abstract art 2a

         I managed to find 2 sections I liked, although the first one is my favourite. 

  mini art abstract art 2cb

I could have just as easily added a sentiment and made them into cards.

I even like this one in landscape...

mini art abstract art 2c
I love the colours of magenta, black, gold and white. The fabulous flourish is by Indigo Blu. Even though I am creating abstract art I still like using my stamps to add texture and pattern.

mini abstract art 2ad 

Well, I hope it stays cool so that I can continue in my craft room. I still need much more practice with acrylic paint but I am loving it.

Stay cool wherever you are! See you soon x 


Shauna Todd said...

Your artwork is simply lovely! I love them.

Sara Barker said...

It doesn't look like you need any practice at all! These panels are gorgeous!