Thursday, 2 March 2017

DIY Shimmer spray with Brushos and Pearl Ex Powder...

Can you tell I'm going through an experimental phase lol.

I've seen quite a few Youtube tutorials about creating your own DIY shimmer sprays using all sorts of inks and mica powders. Even though I have quite a few Lindy's sprays and Glimmer Mists there are gaps in my colours so I thought why not have a go at creating my own. I have so many inks that can be used to make shimmer sprays such as Dylusions inks, Distress inks, Altenew re-inkers, Adirondack re-inkers and Color Wash, Liquitex inks and acrylic paints to name but a few. Until now I'm not sure if anyone has tried with Brushos!

Everyone appears to have their own unique way of making their own shimmer sprays. I just took bits of advice from various tutorials and came up with my own recipe that works for me. I did a test run and it is only as I did it I began to realise what works and what doesn't.

DIY Shimmer spray with Brusho and Pearl Ex 1 

You will need a binder for the mica, otherwise the mica will not stick to the cardstock. Some tutorials recommended using a clear glue, but there was one that recommended Jacquard Gum Arabic as the best binder. It is very fine and less likely to clog up the nozzle. It wasn't easy to track down but I eventually found some here. Like the instructions on the Lindy's bottle,s I added warm water to my mix of mica, Brusho and gum arabic and let it sit for ten minutes before using. This is because the gum arabic takes longer to dissolve than the mica.

  DIY Brusho shimmer spray with Pearl Ex 

Then it is a question of quantities.  This is where it is very much trial and error. I used the smallest palette knife I had to add the powders (as shown in the first photo). I put one palette knife of Brusho and half of Gum Arabic. The amount of mica depends upon how shimmery you want it. I put in one palette knife of Solar Gold Pearl Ex but it turned out too glimmery so I watered it down and added a bit more Brusho. 

The right hand side of the sample below is where I added too much mica and not enough Brusho. The left side is better when I added more Brusho and bit more water to dilute the mica. The best thing to do is test it as you go and adjust accordingly.

  DIY Brusho shimmer spray with Pearl Ex 5

Finally I came up with something I was pleased with. To indicate the colour of the ink in the bottle, rather than stick a sample of the colour to the bottle itself, I die cut a small heart of the inked up cardstock and tied it around the neck of the bottle which I can remove when using. As I make more colours I think I will just put a number on the back of the heart and keep a little index book of the recipe I used in each case.

The final thing is to give it a name! As I used Prussion Blue Brusho, I shall simply call this Prussian Blue Shimmer, at least for the time being.

DIY Brusho shimmer spray with Pearl Ex 7

The only other tip I could give is to wear latex gloves when handling Brushos. It does eventually come off your hands but you do have to handle the powder carefully as the pigment is very intense and stains easily. Although I like using Brushos neat as a powder it is nice to be able to use them in a different way. Despite getting a little messy I enjoyed doing something new and it very satisfying creating a totally unique shimmer spray. I have so many inks and mica powders the colour possibilities are endless. Ooh I just thought...I wonder what would happen if I mixed two or more Brusho colours together and added a different colour Mica? An experiment for another day. See you soon x

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