Sunday, 26 February 2017

Creating abstract backgrounds with acrylic paint...

I thought I would have a go at creating some abstract backgrounds using the same "technique" I used in my post last week which you can see here. I say technique in the loosest sense of the word. I'm not sure pressing two pieces of card together is a technique but I don't think I could have achieved this smooshy look with paint brushes.

I wanted to compare how the acrylic paint worked to the gouache I used previously. Overall I preferred the gouache but I still managed to achieve a similar effect with the acrylic paint.

  Acrylic abstract background 3

A couple of pieces turned out OK and this was one of them. I did have to spray quite a lot of water and Lindy's Moon Shadow spray ink but I love the movement that I eventually managed to create...

  Acrylic abstract background 2

I did end up with quite a few very messy pieces that ended up in the bin. I only used inexpensive acrylic paint and generally with any paint you get what you pay for. Maybe a better quality paint would have been more successful. Also there are so many types of acrylic paints and mediums that the only thing to do is experiment and see what works, a glaze might have helped move the paint around a bit better.

The other thing I really really should have done is prime my cardstock with Gesso or used acrylic paper, However all of this was done late at night and I didn't want to get out loads of stuff, but I will use Gesso next time and report back to you to let you know the difference it makes. I suspect quite a lot. Considering I just used cheap card I did manage to get some nice pieces but I probably wasted more card than I needed to.

  Acrylic abstract background 1

I quite like the effect on the tag which was salvaged from what looked like a pretty messy piece of card. I think sometimes what can look like a mess can look totally different when die cut.

  acrylic abstract tag

My methods may be a little rudimentary but if it works it works as far as I'm concerned. I will continue to experiment and hope to be back soon with more background designs.

Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by x


lorraine john said...

Oooh how wonderful, I do agree with you regarding the tag element, things do look different when cut.

lorraine john said...

oooh how lovely, I do know what you mean things do look different once cut into a tag or background shape from the original.

Juls said...

Fabulous!!! Xx