Monday, 20 February 2017

Creating abstract art/background papers with gouache and Lindy's Moon Shadow/Starburst sprays...

I confess even though I have created art ever since I could hold a paintbrush I have never used gouache.

Gouache is an opaque water based paint. It is thicker in consistency than watercolour and because gouache is opaque the colours are more vibrant. I just bought a small relatively inexpensive set of gouache tubes to experiment. However rather than paint with it I have created these pieces of art by squishing the gouache between two pieces of ordinary white cardstock-no Gesso, no preparation at all. Because gouache is quite thick it creates a really lovely texture which actually becomes more visible as the paint dries. In fact because this was my first practice run with gouache I used the cheapest card I had and it still worked beautifully.

I applied the gouache in lines running diagonally across the card using Black, Burnt umber, Yellow Ochre, Naples yellow and Cream . When you first pull the two pieces of card apart I can virtually guarantee you will think "Yuk". However, because gouache is water based when you start to apply the shimmery spray inks on top all sorts of lovely magic starts to happen. I used Lindy's Screamin' Banshee Black (one of my fave's) and some Opal Sea Oats for a golden shimmer.

And as the paint stays wet for quite a while I added a little gold Pearl Ex lustre powder as well. 

  Gouache abstract 3

First up, sample number one, the first "squish and spray".

  Gouache abstract 2a

In the second sample I lightly spritzed with water and re-squished the paint and inked card with a clean piece of card which softened some of the texture.

gouache abstract 1a 

As impatient as ever I took some photos before it had all dried and noticed the paint on the card standing at the back had started to run...

  Gouache abstract 4

Happy accident...

  gouacher abstract 5

It has all dried out beautifully without losing the depth of colour. I love, love the outcome and may even apply the same principle on canvas to create art for the home. 

I am loving creating background designs at the moment and hope to be back with more soon x


Ellen said...

Wow...this is gorgeous!
X Ellen

Jenny Colacicco said...

Wow how cool!!!