Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Lindy's Magicals and Gesso...

No creation as such for you today, but I thought I would share my experience of using Gesso with Lindy's Magicals powders.

As mentioned in previous posts I have been crafting a long time but I have never used Gesso. I know lots of you have been using Gesso for many years and are very experienced with it so this post is really for those who like me maybe haven't tried it yet.

I kinda knew about it's use for acrylic paint but didn't realise that there is a universal Gesso by Pebio which is suitable for all mediums including watercolour paints.

Having used Brushos and Magicals on watercolour paper and 300gsm cardstock I wanted to see what the difference might be with Gesso. I hope you can see the difference in the photos below...


I simply used a paint brush to apply a thin coat of the Gesso all over the card. Once dry (it dries very quickly) I spritzed the card with water and then sprinkled the Magicals onto the water.

I have used exactly the same Magical colour powder in both samples, in this case "C'est La Vie Cerise" from the "Tres Chic set, but you can see the colour is much lighter in the top sample as some of the paint has soaked into the cardstock.  

The colour in the bottom sample is much more vibrant where the Gesso has prevented the paint from soaking through and I think the powder has dispersed much better too.


In the photo below you can also see one of the other colours I've used called "Chateau Rose" (the pink sample on the left of the photo), which is also more vibrant and you can see the different pigment colours better too. And because the Gesso prevents the cardstock from getting soaked with watercolour the card does not wrinkle or warp nearly as much.


I suppose it's all personal preference, but I'm glad I invested in this Gesso as I prefer the effect with it rather than without it. I am hoping it will have the same effect with Brusho's too, I will let you know!

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Viv said...

Not used it myself either but you have some fab results here Sarita, I may try it now ;) Viv xx