Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Work hard, play hard...

...I'm a firm believer in this motto...I work hard during the week so on my time off I like to make the most of it and cram as much in as possible.

Despite officially being on holiday this week I got up at 6am today (I feel lying in is a waste of my precious time, although I do allow myself to lie in on a Sunday to 8am!). I could see the sun was shining so I thought I would do some crafting before heading on out for the day.

But there was a snag...Mr Mojo seemed to be off on holiday as well, and I sat there scratching my head for a long time not knowing quite what to do. I knew that I wanted to step outside my comfort zone so I decided to go for a collage, something I don't consider myself to be an expert in. This is what I came up with...

chair 2

There are lots of elements here...I've used Papertrey's Polka Dots Basic 2 for the banner, re-used the brackets from my previous creation, stamped the Bella Toile on to SU's Melon Mambo cardstock and die cut the frame using a label 9 Nestie. The sentiment is my own creation.

chair 4

A little bit of bling, striped ribbon, and to finish I've stamped the black flourish brackets using a stamp from Papertrey's Mat Stack 2 collection.

chair 3

Over the last few days apart from crafting I have been painting...furniture that is. After painting my wardrobes recently, I got hooked and have pretty much now painted all our furniture!

Our lounge looks like a workshop at the moment, but I have say it is looking good. There is so much white it looks kind of French Country chic...there is a bit of a mish mash of styles of furniture going on but it does all seem to work together quite well.

And look who's over seeing the proceedings slouched over the chaise...honestly...she doesn't care what colour the furniture is as long as she's got somewhere to chill out!

chair 5

And finally I thought I would share with you my new chair...well it's actually really old. I walked into my home town of Whitstable with DH today...something I just don't get chance to do very often. It has changed in recent years and has some really nice boutiques now and antique stuff to. OK, some of it is a bit pricey, for the tourists I suppose, but I found this French chair hiding in the corner marked up for £99. We ended up haggling and got it for £90. I don't think I would have got a chair like this for any less anywhere else. Very shabby chic.

It needs cleaning, but to be honest I can see me getting it re-upholstered, I think a really lovely striped fabric would look amazing. It would probably cost more than the chair to do but what fab statement piece.

chair 1

I've had a great day. Apart from getting this fantastic bargain, we sat and ate fish & chips on the beach which was a real treat. Despite a gloomy weather forecast it has been a beautiful day and I've really enjoyed myself!


Sam Wright said...

Fab Card!


Gorgeous card Sarita - love the ornate sentiment font. The painted furniture is beautiful, and the new chair is so "you" (elegant and classy of course)!
Enjoy the rest of your holiday - hugs, Sylvia xxx

Jules said...

Hi Sarita

This card is stunning!!

I love everything about it.

Love Jules xx

Rufus said...

Love the card and all it's parts. So marvelous that you had such a great day, and you've got a whole week of them to look forward too! ENJOY!

tinadotcom.com said...

A lot of work, Sarita, but it really looks brilliant! Your card looks brilliant also. :D

Hugs, Tina

Riet said...

What a wonderful card Sarita.

Hugs Riet.xx

Jackie said...

I agree entirely! For someone who is outside of her comfort zone you have created a wonderful card.
I am on holiday this week too and painting, but it's kitchen walls I am doing :o)
Jackie xx

timepasshobbies said...

This is what you produce when your mojo is off?!?!? Wow! This is absolutely FAB! Simply beautiful! :)

mustavcoffee, Gay Peplow said...

Hi Sarita, That's one classy card, I love your choice of colour and the bracket stamp is my favourite on the mat stack set, it's so detailed and stamps so well each time. Well done with the chair, it's beautiful, so's your lovely cat she's looks like she's having fun too, Gay xxx

Lee said...

Fab card as always,great furniture beautiful moggy.Adore that chair.xx

Atif said...

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Georgia said...

Beautiful card Sarita, I love gorgeous colours and the sentiment is fab! Wow, I love your new chair - I might have to pinch it because it would go perfectly in my new bedroom, hee hee! And fish and chips on the beach sounds like bliss to me! :) Love, Georgia xx

Stamps and Paper said...

A simply stunning card Sarita love the vibrant pink.