Sunday, 27 February 2011

Creating an acetate overlay...

Well, what a horrible week I've had...I have been ill all week....even my little Jasmine, pictured below, has been ill as well.

Today is the first day I have even attempted to go in my craft room since last weekend, so I thought I would just create something very simple with my latest stamp.

I wanted to do something a little different so I used a lovely Melissa Frances frame to create an acetate overlay. To secure it I've just attached a brad to each end of the frame.

I used Stazon black ink to stamp the frame on to the acetate...I know the crafting rule is not to use Stazon with clear stamps, or at least not the Stazon remover, but I found that even though it's a permanent ink if you clean the stamp with a wet wipe immediately after stamping, it removes the ink without the need to use any remover.


And here is my little girl...she has been very unwell...she caught an infection and is now on antibiotics...we even had to syringe feed her as she stopped eating and drinking...thankfully she is well on the road to recovery, and quite clearly taking advantage of the situation....

jm 2

When I think of the craft stash I could have bought with the money's she has cost me in vet's bills, but of course she is worth it. And I've had to craft around her this morning, I didn't have the heart to move her!

I apologise now for not getting round to see you, especially to those of you who I know have left me some awards on your blogs, I just haven't been well enough to even switch my computer on. I will get round to you all I promise, but it's going to take a while to catch up.

Fingers crossed next week will be a bit brighter for me, hope you have a good one too.


sharingthepassion said...

Another fabulous creations Sarita. I hope you feel better soon sweetie and your puddy cat keeps improving!

Ali x

joey said...

awww Sarita wishing you well real soon, your poor little kitty looks so fed up bless. Your card is stunning love the striking pink. Joey xx

Jan said...

Love the card and the cat is adorable xx Jan

Trixie Hughes said...

Sorry to hear you've been poorly and hope you and Jasmine are well again very soon.
I look forward to reading your blog and seeing the beautiful cards you always make. You're one very talented lady and a real inspiration for a new to card making person like me. x

TAM said...

Yet another fabulous creation - thank you as always for such inspiration.
Sorry to hear you have not been well along with your "baby". I can sympathise on the syringe feeding - I've had a poorly chinchilla for the past few weeks and like you I've had to syringe feed for a while - hopefully he is on the mend now and getting back to his usual cheeky self.
Hope you all feel much better soon

mckinkle said...

oh what a beautiful image youve loaded here of Jasmine at your crafting table, it looks like a glossy image from a coffee table book!

Glad to hear she is much improved and you too of course!

Beautiful card Sarita! Love the colour!

Keryn x

Donelda said...

glad you are feeling better! and glad kitty is feeling better too! This card is lovely, the color combo is great! I often find it limiting to use vellum or transparency due to the adhering issues ... brads are a great idea!!

Linby said...

Sorry to hear you and Jasmine have not been well, hope you are soon both fully recovered.
This is as always a stunning card.

Andrea said...

Hi Sarita - sorry to hear that you have not been well - hope that you are well on the mend and enjoy a better week next week.
Hope your cat is well again very soon - she looks gorgeous!
And you have made another stunning card - I just love your stamp.
Love, Andrea xx

Julie said...

Stunning card, Sarita - the eptiome of elegance!! Your cat is stunning too and deserves all the tlc and fuss after her poorliness!! Glad that you're feeling a little better too! Juleixx

Sharon said...

It's wonderful Sarita! Even though you've been poorly your creativity is still at top notch. Hope you all feel better really soon. (Jasmine looks such a sweetie and so sorry for herself).
You asked about the watermark on my cards last week. I asked Jo to create it for me. Here is the link to her blog
Sharon xx.

Clare said...

Aww you two poorly girls, hope you are both feeling 100% soon darl. Look at that beautiful fur girl on you craft table!!!. Another stunning card Sarita. Hugs Clare xxx

Jennifer said...

Stunning!!!Love this, it's brilliant! xx Jenny xx

Rufus said...

So sorry to hear what an awful week you had, just be glad it's over and you're both doing better! Jasmine is one pretty kitty. Hope you and she both keep improving! Thanks for sharing another gorgeous card.

Tina said...

I send get well wishes to you and your cute cat. Hope you both feel better soon.

Hugs, Tina

Jackie said...

Oh dear Sarita, I hope that both you and your pussy cat are soon back to full strength, Hugs.
Your card is just superb, classy as all of your cards are :o)
Jackie xx

judith@poppy cottage said...

Poor Jasmine, hope she feels better soon, and you too! Lovely card, Judith xx

Smita said...

Beautiful card, Sarita! Love the acetate overlay. {I think I should buy myself some ink very soon!}


Sue said...

Hi Sarita
awww wishing you a kitty better soon, beautiful cat looks well sorry for herself.
Totally gorgeous card, luv the acetate, fabulous design, sue,x

Dawn said...

Hi Sarita
Aww i love this as usual, you are an acetate whizz!
Hope you're feeling better now Sarita..

Awwww poor Jasmine, it's upsetting to see our pets ill, those vet bills are diabolical but we have no option but to pay them, we're in the wrong job for sure!!!


Georgia said...

So sorry to hear that you and Jasmine have been poorly Sarita, she looks so cute! I love your gorgeous card, the acetate works really well and I love the colours! :) Love, Georgia xx

Juls said...

fab!!! Loivng the pink and the black together!! and your cat is just way too gorgeous!!!! Hugs Juls

Maryann scrapbooking said...

Ta carte est superbe comme d'habitude. Mais je suis plus touchée par ta petite chatte qui assiste sa maitresse de très près. J'espère qu'elle va beaucoup mieux. On aime pas quand ils sont malades. Moi j'ai eu un chat décédé à l'âge de 21 ans. J'ai maintenant deux chiens des westies. C'est différent ! Mais l'amour qu'on leur porte est le même.

Caresses à tes deux chats et particulièrement à la convalescente.
@ bientôt.

Your card is gorgeous as usual. But I am touched by your little cat who attends her mistress very closely. I hope she feels much better. We love it when they are sick. Me I had a cat who died at the age of 21. Now I have two dogs westies. It's different! But the love that their door is the same.

Caresses your two cats and especially to the convalescent.
See you soon.


Hi Sarita - I do hope you are feeling much better now (and gorgeous Jasmine too). This is another stunning card - love the acetate overlay and the clever way you have attached it. Your pink flowers are amazing too.
Hugs, Sylvia xxx