Sunday, 26 September 2010

A new drawing and a great big dopey cat...

...this sketch seemed the natural step on from my earlier dresses which you can see here.

In terms of originality of the image it's nothing new I know, lots of artists love drawing ballet dancers, but I was just in the mood. I wasn't sure whether to actually blog it as the drawing hasn't quite turned out how I wanted...I wanted a more delicate feel and the angle of her body isn't quite right...I'm soo out of practice when it comes to figure drawing yet it used to be fave type of sketching when I was younger.

b ballet 3 ss brighter

The really annoying thing was that half way through my sketch I realised her feet were going to touch the edge of the card, grr!! But I was too far into it then to turn back and start again!

ballet 2

I know it's not perfect and I definitely need more practice, I find it far more daunting showing you my art work than I do my card making!!...but even though I'm not a brilliant artist or anything I do enjoy drawing as well as the card making itself and if I can combine the two so much the better!

Now Ronnie has been feeling rather left I only showed you pictures of Jasmine the other day, so I leave you with some photos of him muscling in on the act...

ronnie 22

ronnie 3

ronnie 5

ronnie 6

ronnie 19

ronnie 23

See you next time!!


Aimes said...

LOL! Lovin' your cat's antics, Sarita! So sweet and 'tis true, you could get a lotta cat food with the money spent on crafty supplies ;D
Love your drawing - I kinda like that her feet are near the edge of the card; gives it a more nautral, sketched feeling!

*Michaela* said...

This so beautiful! I think your drawing is absolutely astonishing! So talented! And your kitty is just a sweetie! That look on her face - like "this is my stuff"... LOL

Sian said...

Your card is beautiful, the drawing is wonderful.

Love the photos and captions, they made me smile on a cold dull day!

Sharli said...

Your drawings take my breath away - please keep posting them! I can't imitate them, but I can certainly Oooo and Ahhhh!

I enjoyed your kitties conversation very much! They are beautiful creatures!

Kaz said...

LOL love the idea of Ronnie being covered in glamour dust!
Your sketch is gorgeous, I'd be happy to draw half as good as you!! x

Tina said...

Oh, how cute! I love those pictures of your cats very much. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.
Your drawing is stunning, Sarita!

Hugs, Tina

patriziawithaz said...

Your card is beautiful and so are your cats ! Don't worry about sharing your drawings Sarita as we all think they are brilliant. Hugs x

Clare said...

OMG Ronnie & Jasmine are beautifully gorgeous Sarita!!!! i absolutely love Maine Coon kitties. Wow your cards are so stunning hun, you are one clever chic. Big hugs Clare xxx

Julie said...

Love the card Sarita, I don't see the fact that her feet touch the edge as a flaw.

Sue said...

Hi hun
wow youir card is stunning, beautiful image & colouring, beautiful kitty cats, sue,x

Dawn said...

Wowee your drawing is beautiful, if that's you out of practice I'd hate to see your sketches on form!!! LOL

.... and now the two furry beauties, they are just magestic Sarita, look at that tail, LOL at the tufty paws too!!

Great post


angelwhispers said...

Your cats are adorable!!! they don't look like they go without even if you do spend far too much on stash!!! lol

Loving the drawing and the pretty pink colour just beautiful!!!

Love Chanelle xx

Penni said...

Stunning card, but those kittie kats take the biscuit!!!!


Linby said...

Great post Sarita-love what your cats had to say LOL!
Fantastic drawing and if her feet had been lower I think you would have had a problem but as it is I think it looks great. How lovely to be able to create such a beautiful image.

Anj said...

what an amazing caard - I love it - you are one talentd lady - well done x x x

Kerry said...

Hi Sarita,

Your sketch is just beautiful. I know everyone is critical of their own work, but this is perfect to me!!!

Funny Kitty pics!!


Merry said...

Your cats are so beautiful and I like the blurbs you put on each much fun.

Your artwork as always is stunning. I like that the feet come off the edge of the page.

Fiona said...

What a lovely sketch Sarita and wouldn't have even noticed the feet if you hadn't mentioned it. It certainly doesn't look out of place on the card.
You've got a very handsome boy there, I can certainly identify with having a cat lolling over your craft desk although there's not as much space on mine! What a tidy crafter you are!

Rufus said...

I think your ballerina is gorgeous. I can't draw at all, so I'm always in awe of those, like you, who can! Love your kitties pic's and your captions where just what I needed on this rainy gloomy day.

Jackie said...

Sorry to disagree Sarita, I think your ballet dancer is just perfect and love the way you've coloured her!
Lovely photographs of your pussy cat :o)
Jackie xx

Clairlou said...

I think the drawings is brilliant, and I would definitely buy if it were a stamp - love the cute Kittys


Clairlou said...

I think the drawings is brilliant, and I would definitely buy if it were a stamp - love the cute Kittys


Clairlou said...

I think the drawings is brilliant, and I would definitely buy if it were a stamp - love the cute Kittys


lamanuelle said...

MDR! J'aime beaucoup l'aide que tu donne ton chat! Très belle carte! Bises. Nadine

1 lucky mum said...

your drawings are beautiful - what are you saying!!! You have sucha talent - someone will snap you up!!! or better still you sell your designs! Speaking of which - do you actuialy sell your cards or jut for your own use? You are sooooo extravagant with that lovely ribbon - its gorgeous but i dont think i could bear to part with so much - i'd be demanding it back as son as they got the card!

Steph said...

Such a beautiful card, Sarita. So elegant and as always completely original. I love how delicate it is! Your cats are gorgeous btw!!! x

José said...

The drawing on your card is realy beautiful!You have to keep posting them, I think it's perfect.
I enjoyed watching the "cat story"
Hugs José

Suzanne said...

I have just spent a wonderful hour looking at your fabulous creations so classy and beautiful so much style. Not too sure quite how I found you now probably via Paula Pascual (I have just discovered her wonderful stamps) I will definately be back soon...maybe not for an hour next time!! Sue :o)

Traceyr said...

hahaha wonderful cat photos :)

Smita said...

Lovely drawing, Sarita. And I love that her feet are touching the edge... looks like the floor she is on.


Juls said...

thanks for all your piccys! too cute! Love your card, yes the image is fabulous!!! cant wait for your stamps to come out!!!! just lush and gorgeous! hugs Juls

Paula Pascual said...

Your cats are as beautiful as your cards, very very beautiful!!! And cute

Paula Pascual said...

Your cats are as beautiful as your cards, very very beautiful!!! And cute

Andrea said...

Laught - what great cats you have! There wonderful animals! I love all this picture and your work!
A lot of hugs

Georgia said...

Wow Sarita, this drawing is absolutely lovely, so original and unique, I love it! I LOVE your cat photos, I think you've read their minds spot on, lol! By the way, I know how much you hate the Ikea shop, but have you seen their latest TV advert? So cute!! :) Love, Georgia xx

Monica K. said...

LOL, that was awesome! :) Your cat is too cute! Isn't it adorable how they always want to be part of the action? My cat got into mischief too. Here's a picture of her inspecting my card. :)