Saturday, 10 July 2010

Feeling hot...

...I've said it so many times now but I really do hate the heat...I do not tolerate it well...being a freckly red head I can't step outside the front door without having to slap on Factor 50 sun cream just to stop me from frying. But I'll concede there are some benefits to summer... this beautiful trailing begonia in our back garden... I thought why not use it as inspiration for my next colour theme? Then I realised I don't usually use such strong colours and found them quite difficult to work with! Not my fave ever card, but it must be about a million degrees farenheit or something in my craft room and it is very hard on the old creative brain cells!

The stamp is by Magenta and I've heat embossed it with Cosmic Shimmer embossing powder in Orange Flame Blaze. BTW did you know the Cosmic Shimmer Blaze range of embossing powders work really well on dark cardstock? I didn't until recently so thought I would share this with you in case you didn't know either!

OMG...I've just had to stop my blogging...whilst writing this post we heard the roar of a very distinctive aircraft...a magnificent Spitfire outside our bedroom window!! It was very very low...I suspect flying so low over a residential area is not entirely legal, but hey I won't tell lol.

We are on the flight path to Manston airport and have seen many different aircraft fly over our house including lots of World War 1 & 2 aircraft (in fact DH won't believe me but I am sure I have even seen a Stealth so different from any other aircraft it would be difficult to confuse with anything else even though I am no aircraft expert!)). However, this Spitfire clearly wasn't just flying on route to the looked as though it was putting on it's own display for someone living close to us but we've just had the full benefit!! It is an amazing aircraft and whoever flew it today did an amazing display...swooping, diving, looping and rolling in the sky, and then it signalled it's departure by tilting it's wings from side to side. I hope the person who it was intended for enjoyed it but we really appreciated it too!!

Well, after all that excitement I will be back with something a little more creative when I've cooled down!

EDIT: Thank you so much Aimes, from A Passion for Papertrey who kindly let me know about the latest Papertrey challenge called "Summertime". I've used one of the fab Papertrey sentiments on my card and as my card was based on my summertime flowers I have of course now entered into the challenge!

Oh and today, whilst eating our Sunday dinner outside, a Lancaster bomber flew just over our heads! It seems as though there is a commemorative Battle of Britain airshow today at Folkestone which is quite near to me, hence seeing all these wonderful planes!


Sian said...

Your card is beautiful, love the colours!

Smita said...

Oh my God! Sarita, this is such a beautiful card. I love the colors and the embossing. Since bright cards are almost a norm out here, i'd love to try this combination out. Love your stamp and the bow. Just gorgeous.
The airplane incident sounds awesome! A different treat, huh? :)
wish i could send some rain your way. For now, i can only invite you over to enjoy the Indian monsoon. :)

big hugs,

Lynne said...

Wow!, Sarita, what an exciting afternoon. All we get to see is the police helicopter now and again,lol.All that and such a beautiful card too. I love warm colours as you know and your begonias are something else. Isn`t Mother Nature wonderful.
Lynne xxx

Sonia said...

This is beautiful, such rich colours i love it. Are the little sentiments Paula's
Hugs Sonia xx

Clare said...

Wow Sarita your card is gorgeous and so elegant. I do love those ribbons that you use too. Ok Sarita can i make a request? can you take some more pics of Ronnie & Jasmine as Maine Coons are one of my all time fave breed!!! keep cool honey, like you i hate the heat!!! big hugs Clare xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh my it's all happening at your house Sarita! How cool to have that wave!
Your card is so totally stunning I love it so very much exquisite!
Love your begonia how beautiful!
kim x

Carol Q said...

OMG you lucky thing having a Spitfire so close. my DH is a bit of a fanatic and it's definitely rubbing off on me LOL. the card's beautiful Sarita. love that colour embossing powder you used. hope you get a chance to cool off this evening!

Riet said...

Ohhh wowww What a wonderful card Sarita,i love the image and the COLOURS.
So gorgeous photo.

Hugs Riet.xx

Dawn said...

Hiya Sarita

oooh I;m catching up on all your wonderful cards, this is just stunning. love those colours so vibrant and the stamp is gorgeous, where DO you find all these wonderful stamps!


our weather is crap, dull, grey and raining

Chris said...

What a beautiful card. The colours really pop against the black. Love that ribbon.

Spitfires are magnificent, aren't they. We went to an airshow last year and it was fabulous.

Sue C said...

Love the colour combo Sarita, it's really effective. I know what you mean about the heat, I've been struggling for some time to get my mojo going. Let's hope we get a cool spell ! Sue C x

Karen said...

My husband would have Loved to see that Spitfire in action!!

I hear you on the heat! Its been a Really mild summer here in Northern California this year and I have been so happy that it has. Its supposed to heat up, a lot, today first playday in a Very long time and I'm going to melt into a puddle of goo!!! Thank goodness for air conditioning, right?! :>

Your card is beautiful and I do love the bright color embossed on the black. I love to work with bold colors. I actually, have a harder time working with soft colors. Glad you got to play and be inspired by your beautiful flowers, Sarita! Have a wonderful weekend! :>

Juls said...

wowzer!!! so incredibly stunning! Love the colour combo!! Just so striking!!!! Hugs Juls

patriziawithaz said...

Another sophisticated and stunning card Sarita. The colours are very dramatic. I love the satin ribbon and the sentiment too. Love x

Michelle said...

Stunning Sarita!
x Michelle

Fiona said...

What an elegant and striking card you have produced Sarita. Love the colours and what a beautiful Begonia.

Fiona x

Kerry said...

Lovely card Sarita - it's fresh and summery.

Its great that you creat using things around you as inspiration.

Have a great weekend - hope you gets lots of crafting done in the heat.

Love Kerry xx

mckinkle said...

Hi Sarita, blimey girl, youve got green fingers to go with that fab creative streak too?! Is there no end to your list of talents?!

Your card is stunning and so stylish!

Whats the latest on your stamp making venture? Im a customer in waiting!!

Keryn x

Rufus said...

The begonia in your garden is breathtaking! As for your card, I'd have known it was one of yours, even if it's not your usual colors. It's just classic looking. Although I'd have never guessed that the name of the EP was Blaze Orange! Looked more Old Gold to me!

Jackie said...

Love your begonia and what inspiration. Your card is magnificent whether you are happy with it or not :o)
I am with you all the way on the heat, not normally given to wishing my life away but roll on Autumn, pleeeeeeeeeease!
Jackie xx

Vicki said...

OMG! this is stunning, the colours are so rich and vibrant, you have out done yourself

Keep them coming ;)

Vicki xd

Aimes said...

Oooh another freckly, red-head like myself! I too get sick of slapping on the high factor cream so sit in the shade (or my crafty corner!)
I love your card - that EP looks fab on the dark cardstock!
Y'know you could enter this gorgeous card for our current challenge on A Passion for Papertrey - challenge ends tomorrow morning though!

Eileen said...

Oh wow Sarita this is another amazing card. I Love your style and your cards always always look so stylish and elegant. Eileen xx

Inkyfingers said...

Sarita, your card is so understated and elegant. I love it.
Carol x

Grenouille Greetings said...

I love the colours you have used on this bold, elegant card Sarita! Warmest wishes, Lesley

E.T said...

another gorgeous card! i have been missing all this!!!