Sunday, 16 May 2010

Adding to my collection...

...well, it would appear I am working towards my first collection of design images for crafting!
Thank you again for your lovely feedback, it is very useful to me to know what you think, and what your preferences are as well.

I know some crafters prefer digi-images and some prefer rubber stamps...digi is good as it is so accessible to everyone with a computer and a printer, and it is a cheaper option too, but I know rubber stamps, particularly clear stamps, are so versatile.

I have almost certainly made my mind up to sell my designs, and if at all possible I would do both options to try and accomodate everyone. I just have a bit more work to do on the technology front to learn how sell digi images online, but I am nearly there!

I have this morning had a crash course in learning how to watermark my images, partly through online tutorials and my DH helped me. I have also taken precautions to fully copyright my designs as well...all sounds a bit OTT I know but of course it is important if I'm thinking about selling my's all a very steep learning curve! I just hope the watermarking doesn't spoil the photos too much for you.

This is my original sketch...again it's not intended to be any particular leaf. Although I have now drawn 3 nature designs, I have actually been doing some other types of designs as well which I will be showing you in due course.

One of my big bug bears when it comes to buying stamps, is that I often want a larger and a smaller image of the same design, so that I can make a card with the larger designs, and maybe a gift tag etc with the smaller design, or maybe even combine the larger and smaller images in the same creation. With digi images of course you can resize the image to your own requirements, but I think I will do 2 different sizes when it comes to making rubber stamps.

My biggest problem is lack of spare time as I currently work full time...but I'm going to have to make time to get this off the ground and will now spend every spare minute working to get this going.

Please do continue to give me your feedback, as it really helps me to know what you like and maybe what you're not so keen on. I know I won't be able to please all of the people all of the time, what appeals to one person may not appeal to another, (I have already been banned from doing cute by a couple of peeps lol), but I hope I will be able to design something for everyone in time!


Lynne said...

I`m so pleased you`re going ahead with this dream Sarita. Personally I prefer rubber stamps (or clear) to digi although I have been known to use the odd digi stamp. The designs you`ve shown us already are right up my street. I think your new leaf design is simply stunning and so versatile. I would imagine clear stamps are the cheapest option (apart from digi) and therefore you could put large and small of the same designs on one sheet. I have my fingers crossed for you, good luck :)
Lynne xxx

Fiona said...

Can't believe you drew this Sarita. Such talent! Can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

Fiona x

Paula Gale said...

All I can say Sarita is WOW - you have created some FANTASTIC imgages - I would most certainly invest in either the rubber or digital... GO FOR IT - i can see a future in this for you - you are so talented - perhaps more that you even know. Thank goodness for blogging where you can get valuable feedback from friends - and now 'would be' customers...

Please don't give up!

Paula x x x


Can not tell you how pleased i am to hear you are going to follow your dream hunny. You will fulfill your dream im sure, with such gorgeous designs as these!!! I am so looking forward to seeing your future work. Don't overdo it though hunny don't want to make you ill!!! sending you lots of love and hugs Linda x

ps. emailed you hope you got it. x

Elena_ss said...

I love when you pleases us with new works! Beauty! :)

Sonia said...

These are so elegant, beautifully drawn. I am sure you will do very well with your designs, are the greetings also your own design?
Good luck with your new venture, i'm looking forward to seeing more :)
Hugs Sonia xx

Linby said...

Hi Sarita- been reading back over your last posts. I personally love your "cute" girls I would say they are more sassy than cute and apart from maybe Pink Petticoat I don't think they have an equal. Love your latest images, as you say you are good at botanicals I think something detailed like a passion flower would be great for you to do.
I wish you every success.
Love Linbyx

Kerry said...

I am really pleased to hear you are going to sell your stamps Sarita. Personally I like rubber stamps or clear. I like to physically have something if you know what I mean. I think its a great idea to have large and small images of the same stamp. I can't wait to get my hands on them!

Anyway, I love your card. Your drawings are amazing.

Love Kerry xx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh wow this is so very beautiful Sarita!
You are amazing!
kim x

chrissie's crafts said...

You are so very talented these drawings are stunnig and a range of botanicals would definitely be on my wish list
Chrissie xx

Vicki said...

You are just soooo gifted this is awesome as are the other designs, I would also like to see some more of your girlie ones too, they're fab! Although I would use digi images I'm really a fan of rubber stamps so can't wait until you make your first batch :)

Vicki x (waiting patiently ;)

Georgia said...

Wow Sarita, this is such a fantastic drawing and it looks soooo stunning on a card! I love the colours you've used too! :) Love, Georgia xx

mckinkle said...

Lucky us!! Thats all I can say Sarita!

Cant wait to see your range available in both physical stamp and digi that will just be perfect and not many sellers these days are offering both so I think you will be one step ahead from the start!

Ive never naturally been drawn (no pun intended!) to botanical/natural images but having seen your blog, Im not so scared of them now and would love to have a play!

Cant wait to advertise your stamps and Im sure all of your followers will do the same!

Dont burn the candle at both ends though, slower is fine as long as you dont burn out doing too much at once!

Keryn x

Sue said...

Hi Sarita
wow hun what a gorgeous image, beautiful. I have lots of rubber stamps but must say i probably have more digi ones now, luv the fact you can resize them so easily, would luv this as a digi, keep up the brill work hun, sue,x

Sue C said...

Sarita these are fabulous! I love sketched images and am always on the look out for new companies who do them, as you say there are alot of 'cute' images out there which really aren't my thing. Your watermark looks fine, I didn't notice it until I read on. I'm a little late getting into digi images, but I have to say the ease of access has been a big attraction. I still love my rubber though ! Sue C x

Gunn (MsPlum) said...

Jepp, I am still buying *LOL* These are amazingly beautiful! These I want in rubber - and if you make them 2 differnt sizes you will be my hero from now and to eternity!

I suggested digis to you just because that would be a cheap way to see if your designs would sell before you invested in rubber. Digis has it's ups, but they are not as versatile as rubber are.

I will demand my favorite Norwegian shops to take in and sell your rubberstamps!



Sian said...

Stunning card, love the leaf design. I would be a customer of your designs.
I love the feel of rubber, but clear is great to see where you're stamping, but digi is the cheapest! I have lots of all of them, so I'm not too fussy!!!

All the best, and follow your dreams.

Handmade with Love said...

This leaf one is gorgeous Sarita, do you have to choose between digi and rubber or could you do both a please everyone? I love these type of images they are so sophisticated. Good Luck! Tracey x

Riet said...

Ohhhh wowwww Sarita,what a beautiful card,i love your image.

Hugs Riet.xx

sandra said...

This is beautiful. I have never used a digi image. I love rubber stamps & clear. I think the idea of having a large & small size of the same image is a great idea. Looking forward to being able to buy your designs. Good luck with your dream. You are very talented.Love Sandra x

Jackie said...

Absolutely fabulous, I am looking forward to the day they are available in any format :o)
Jackie xx

Biscuitlid said...

beautiful - love how you're adding pearls to your drawings. Go for it with the copyrite etc, can never be too over the top about these things in my opinion