Friday, 16 April 2010

Creating glittered acetate...

...there I was last night, watching QVC as you do....when I saw some lovely new glittered acetate by Kanban. I was very very tempted to indulge, but then I thought why don't I try to create my own?

I bought some heat resistant acetate by Woodware a long time ago so I dug it out of the back of the cupboard, together with my Stampendous glittery embossing powder in "Jewelled Gold"

The heat resistant acetate was really good to work with...far better than I had anticipated. I thought that the acetate might still warp when I heated the embossing powder, but it pretty much stayed in shape.

Whilst practicing, I kept marking the acetate with my paw prints so I ended up creating this wearing latex gloves! However, the acetate is anti-static so I didn't have too many problems with the embossing powder sticking where it shouldn't.

I used my Clarity floral swirl stamp, one of my current fave stamps. I've stamped the design both on the inside and the outside of the acetate. If I could pass on any tip it would be to stamp the design before creasing and folding the acetate...may sound obvious but yours truly didn't at first and I ended up tying myself in knots trying to position the stamp where I wanted it and skidding off the acetate ...when will I learn lol!

In my last post I spoke of the problems I have photographing acetate...I didn't know whether to take these latest photos against a light or dark I give you both! I think in the photo below you can see the glitter in the embossing powder a bit more.

I don't think I could ever get fed up of working with acetate, I just love it, but I could get very fed up trying to take a photo of takes me longer to get a decent piccie of acetate than it does to make the actual creation!

Well, I have the day off work today so I'm off to enjoy the rest of it...will catch up with you again soon!


Vicki said...

Hey well done you for not giving in to sweet temptation and making your It's absolutely stunning, just love the effect:)

Vicki x

Fiona said...

Actually, I never think to watch QVC, I always tune in to C & C. Not that I ever buy anything, have you seen those p & p rates! Anyway I digress, your acetate creation is superb Sarita. I just know that I would end up with a mess if I attempted it, so I am indeed impressed.
Enjoy your day off.

Fiona x

Sue said...

Hi Sarita
oh i saw that on QVC, your card is just beuatiful, i luv the effect, very classy looking card,sue.x

Kerry said...

Hi Sarita! I just love the cards you make. They are so classy! Beautiful xx

Biscuitlid said...

oooh this is a bit yummy - well done you on trying your own instead of spending, great result. I've got some glittery embossing powder and never had much success with it, maybe i should try it again now?

Like the black background photo best for this card!


Carol Q said...

ooh doesn't that work well! Gorgeous card Sarita. I didn't know you could get anti-static acetate and I completely agree with you about photographing the damn stuff!! LOL

Gunn (MsPlum) said...

Very beautiful! Your cards is always so styish and classy!

I have embossed on acetate to, but mine was not antistatic... damn it was difficult!

Enjoy your day off!


Handmade with Love said...

Wow this has come out lovely hasn't it. Very nice card Sarita and a bit different too! Have a great weekend. Tracey x

Jackie said...

What a classy card Sarita, really beautiful. Good for you doing your own :o)
Jackie xx

sandra said...

Another classy card, well done for resisting the temptation of QVC. So much better to make your own. Love it. Love Sandra x

Kaz said...

As usual, it's beautiful Sarita. I was flicking through the channels last night and saw those acetate sheets and I immediately thought that they reminded me of your work!! I think what you've created is much better though. I like the fact you've used it as a feature rather than all over xxx

Betty aka ZacksNana said...

Oh My this is gorgeous! I've never played with this stuff, but I think now I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!

angelwhispers said...

Hope you have had a great day off!!! Love the acetate embossing looks wonderful!! I always end up with a mess and then a bad temper!!!! lol xxxx Anyway the card is just beautiful very elegant as always!!! Love Chanelle xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Oh wowzers!
Such a beautifully stunning card Sarita!
Have a great weekend!
kim x

Andrea said...

Simply stunning - I agree about photographing acetate - soooooooo tricky!
Hope you enjoyed your day off, and have a great weekend!
Love, Andrea xx

Kellylouj said...

Sarita this is amazing I would love to have a go at embossing but think it would be disatrous!


OMGoodness - this is so beautiful Sarita, and I know what you mean about taking ages to get a good pic. of acetate! Fabulous swirl stamp, and I just love everything about this card.
Hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Jennifer said...

It's fab...and that's what crafting is all about...making your own!Great job! xx Jenny xx

Linby said...

I was sooo tempted by that acetate. Saw it in the morning before work and in the evening they still had it - but i didn't give in. Well done to you for creating this which if you had bought the acetate wouldn't have been so delicate as it was all over rather than as you have done. Lovely card as always.

Dawn said...

EEEk you're a brave woman - Acetate hates me!!!
you have rocked this though it looks amazing and the embossing is stunning.


Paula Gale said...

this is stunning - Kanban won't be pleased with you LOL... thanks for doing a tried and tested for us - i'll store this idea for future use.


Paula x x x

Juls said...

well done you to manage not to give into temptation...have to say I think your acetate is nicer anyway, I love the fact that there is a flourish in each corner rather than an all over pattern...very elegant! Love it!! Hugs Juls

Barb said...

A stunning card and great photography too. Well done on resisting the urge. See you really didn't need it! Barbxx