Saturday, 3 April 2010

Alice In Wonderland....

....even before the film came out I had had my eye on these stamps for ages...then when I saw the film it kinda clinched the deal! The stamps are by T J Designs which I bought from The Stamp Attic.

Now you may remember me saying a while ago that I would be doing more in the way of dry embossing...I made my first dry embossed creation for my blog a few months ago which you can see here.

Well here I have used all sorts of stencils from my stash, most are either Anya and Mattie stencils...I got mine from Art Of Craft as they do quite a large selection.

The large dimensional envelope template is by Pricillastyles which you can buy here. Goodness knows how many times I have used this envelope template now, I just love it.

You can see the embossing a bit better from this angle...

The stencils I've used a are so versatile, as you can use either all of it or just a part of the stencil when embossing your design. For my envelopes I have used corner embossing stencils.

The smaller flat envelope below is by W S Designs.

The stencil I've used in my creation below is one of my faves...and I've allowed a little Papertray sentiment to slip in...gotta get my money's worth lol!

I think the white rabbit is my fave character in this set of stamps.

Now hands up who remembers a company called PSX? They used to produce a huge range of stamps when I first started crafting some 7 years ago...not so sure these days though, or whether they are still going...but I bought this Alice In Wonderland script stamp all those years ago...never thought one day I would produce a set of Alice creations where it would come in handy! You can see the script much better if you click on the picture.

Finally, I had a little fun on the computer creating this sentiment for the Queen!

Now one thing that did strike me as I made these little creations, was that it has been months since I've used an image in my crafting...but here's the thing...I have forgotten how to colour in! Really...whilst I've been making non image creations, those of you who use them regularly colour so professionally and perfectly, that it makes my colouring look, well quite frankly, pants!

I have a handful of Copics...couldn't get on with them...then I bought a few Promarkers...not had much success with them either...mind you I have said it before I am in impatient crafter...if I don't succeed first time round using a product it gets thrown in the back of a drawer unlikely to see the light of day again lol!

So for these images, I stamped in them in grey and have just added a hint of blue to match the cardstock. Bit cheaty I know...I will have to practice as I recently bought several Kraftin you know it is rare for me to use images but I do love the Kimmies, and want to use them. But do you think I can find the right flesh tone? I have bought every skintone Copic and Promarker, and other flesh tone colouring products too but I cannot even get that bit right!

It's a bit embarrassing to admit as I have a bit of an arty background...buried in my blog is a sample of my artwork done many years ago which some of you may not have seen as I posted it well over a year can see the full post here together with one of my own little handrawn images. There are some others I drew around that time as well if you want to take a peek!

Now give me some pencils and some watercolour paints and I know where I am lol!

I think more than anything I'm just out of practice. So onwards and upwards with the colouring, I've got to persevere. And seeing my little drawings has made me want to pick it up again, so you never know you may see more in the future.

Phew, that was a long post! Honestly, give me a bit of time off and I go crafting mad lol!

Have a lovely Easter, I'll be round to visit you sometime over the Bank Holiday, TTFN peeps.


angelwhispers said...

Wow Sarita these are all just "Fabulous" Love them the stamps and images are all just perfect xxx Can't wait to see your coloured images! Have a great Easter Love Chanelle xx

Carol Q said...

those stamps are fab aren't they? gorgeous creations you've made with them. they go very well with the stencils. it's funny, I think I know most crafting companies but you always come up with ones I've never heard of LOL. (which is great!)

Georgia said...

Oh wow! Sarita, these are all sooo gorgeous! I love the Alice in Wonderland stamps and the fabulous colour combo! I'm going to see Alice in Wonderland today and I can't wait! :) Love, Georgia xx

Paula Gale said...

Sarita - these cards and makes are stunning - with any image they'd look fantastic. Love the colours you've used too.

Your own drawings are really clever too... you should think about doing some more and sharing - would love to see...

Paula x x x

Grenouille Greetings said...

OMG! These are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I love your stencilling and your fabulous cutting techniques. There is nothing pants about any of it, Sarita, until I got to the part of your post where you talked about colouring, I was happily marvelling at your clever use of understated colour wash! And as for your artwork, goodness me, you are a true artist in every sense of the word and I love seeing it all. I finally got around to finishing my Sarita-inspired project and you are mentioned in dispatches in my own blog today. It lacks the elegance of your projects but I was pleased with the result and I am grateful for your inspiration! Warmest wishes, Lesley

mckinkle said...

Happy Easter Sarita!

Firstly your link back to your artwork is broken :(

Oh I just adore your Alice set, they are simply sublime! Me-thinks you are being too hard on yourself, as all us crafters are as indeed you are one mighty fine crafter!

Look forward to seeing some more of your stunning art work too!

Keryn x


Good morning dear Sarita, and wow havn't you been busy since my last visit? i am sorry to hear about your troubles with your Papertrey order. I have to say i had an order from there several years ago, but luckily for me didn't have the same problem as you! ive had problems in the past with customs, im like you dont mind paying the customs duty, but i do resent the handling fee from the post office of a minimum of £8.00!! anyway hunny your creations are all just gorgeous, love the alice projects and the papertrey card is stunning. Hope you have a fabulous Easter, hugs Linda x

Vicki said...

OMG Sarita, fab post I just love visiting your blog your work is so exciting. I just adore your alice in wonderland collection it's beautiful, love the images stamped in grey with a hint of colour they look just perfect (the script stamp is lush!) How amazing are your drawings, clever you, I can't draw to save my life, these are fabulous:)

Hope you have a lovely Easter and we even have some sunshine here:)

Vicki x

Luisa said...

complimenti per i bellissimi lavori, buona pasqua

Linby said...

What an interesting post, especially the link to your artwork which is stunning. particularly like the girl shopping - really you should do something with that skill.
PSX - was only reading the other day that they are no more.
Happy Easter

Sue C said...

What a stunning set of creations Sarita. You never fail to impress with your artwork. I think you are being too hard on yourself too, I think your shading is spot on ! Sue C x

Smita said...

Gorgeous work, Sarita!! Love each one of them.. the dimensional envelope is too good... so is all your dry embossing! Love the color combos too...


Sue said...

Hi Sarita
ohh gorgeous creations hun, they look so classy, stunning drawings hun, very talented girly, sue,x

Kerry said...

Sarita these cards are just amazing, so beautiful. I hope you have a fab Easter xx

Juls said...

this is just SO SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! you have made me really want those stamps!!! Love how you have used them in such an elegant way, and amazing collection! Hugs Juls

Dawn said...

Wowee Sarita what an absolutely fantastic set of cards and images..
You must hsave so much patience for the dry embossing, I just couldn't get on with it at all!!
I thought I wouldn't like Pro Markers but persevered although water colours do give you more depth and shading of course...


Mandi said...

You're a clever little bugger Sarita LOL
LOVE the cards, fancy that set meself now! Love the subtle colouring, its looks perfect
Im same as you [scuse me lumping myself in with you for a sec!] I cnt colour either but was much better at art at school...nothing in your league of course!
FAB drawings admired them last time

Have good weekend hun xx

Michelle said...

Such beautiful work Sarita, have been thinking about these stamps for a while - hate the story - love the stamps. You've created some beautiful pieces, and your artwork, why do you bother with stamps when you can draw like this, I'm in awe!
glad to see you're posting regularly again. Hope you're feeling better.
x Michelle

Fiona said...

What a very stylish and elegant collection Sarita. Love the combination of stamping and dry embossing. Colouring isn't my forte, but yours is lovely, understated and just right. Haven't seen these Alice stamps before but they're great, the Queen is my fave.
Happy Easter.

Fiona xx

Dolly said...

Fabulous projects Sarita, so simply beautiful and elegant. Amazing artwork, looking forward to seeing more. :)xx

joey said...

WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWOW oh my goodness your colouring is stunning in your drawings you have nothing to practise there!!!xxx

your creations are just so beautiful Sarita you really are super talented :O) xxx

Lynne said...

Gorgeous cards Sarita as usual. I love the subtle colouring. sometimes less IS more.
Lynne xxx

Kellylouj said...

Wow fantastic projects so professional love them all x

Sandra said...

What a great post (it was Easter Day when I started reading it so I shall wish you a Happy Easter too)
Me!Me!Me! I remember PSX I think I've got some of their stamps somewhere.
Beautiful creations Sarita. Love the Alice stamp set and your dry embossing looks amazing!
Sandra x

Rufus said...

Love 'em! I love the look of dry embossing, but have gotten to lazy to do it. Have to get back to it! I do remember PSX, I've got a number of their stamps. They went out a business quite a while ago. Their designs were bought by somebody, can't remember who at the moment. But they have only continued a very small % of the PSX inventory, such a shame! Will have to look up your stencil co's. I think I recognize at least one of them.

Linby said...

After leaving you a comment to say PSX are no more - I have just found them again at Bladerubber