Sunday, 14 February 2010

My first Letterpress creation...'s a wonder you haven't heard all the noise and cursing emanating from my craft room this morning from wherever you are. It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to buy a Quickutz Letterpress with my birthday money.

Well, it has been an absolute nightmare trying to get it to work properly...if I didn't have heart problems before I think I have now!!

One of the major problems I had is that when I inked up the printing plate (ie the design plate) the ink caught the edges and it kept ruining the print. I don't have a Quickutz Epic which is the die cutting machine meant for the job...but I have a Sizziz Bigshot and I had read the Letterpress will work with all major die cutting machines.

If you have never heard of the Letterpress you can see a YouTube demo here.

Here are just a few of my attempts...initially I used the black ink that came with the starter is very thick and gloopy, it is meant to be, but it is very easy to brayer too much of it on. I also tried a Versafine ink in Spanish Moss, but this didn't work very well either. The other problem I found is that you need to use a thick soft cotton card to get the best debossed effect, quite restrictive if you want to use your ordinary coloured cardstock. It may work with other cardstock, I haven't tried, maybe you just need to pack it out more to get the required pressure but I think unless you've got thick cardstock it just isn't going to deboss as well.

More than anything I wanted to get the debossed look as I think it looks so professional, well it does when it's done properly, but I don't think I achieved it. I used the cardstock that came with the starter kit. However, the more packing I put under the Letterpress plate to create more pressure, the more the outside edge of the printing plate showed and the more the ink splodged. I also found that the ink went all over the Letterpress when inking up the design, and I spent all my time just trying to clean up the ink before I could actually print the design.

Maybe it's just practice but I've spent quite a while trying to perfect it. I would love to hear if anyone else has tried using the Letterpress with a Bigshot, and if you've had the same problems.

I really want to persevere as I really love the Letterpress designs and when it's done right I think it looks amazing, but first I need a lie down, it's worn me out!

EDIT: I remembered this afternoon that I had some really thick soft pastel colour card from Craftwork Cards, and it has worked really well, plus I haven't got myself in nearly as much mess (or quite as stressed either!!). I think I was creating too much pressure with the printing plate which was why I was catching the edges of the plates. Perhaps it is just a case of trial and error!


Mandi said...

Its looks FAB Sarita
Glad you feel well enough to craft again...we've all missed your spectacular works of art...sure I can spaek for everyone!!

Belated happy Birthday too
Take it easy xx

angelwhispers said...

Sarita sounds like you have had a nightmare!!! Your finished cards look fab!! But you should be taking it easy not getting stressed!!!

Gunn (MsPlum) said...

So it was you I heard this morning, I was wondering about those noises I heard *LOL*

I don't have neither a Letterpress nor a Big Shot so I can't help you, but I think I understand the problem. It is very annoying when the ink can't stay only where it is supposed to.

But you take care of your hart now, so I think you should put this new toy of yours aside for a while. Play with something safe and calming ;o) I know you will make som stunning creations whit this new toy of yours later on. You have gotten to a very good start with the blue card. It is very beautiful!

Take care now!


Chris said...

Hi Sarita, thanks for sharing this! It's so good to find out how things work out in real life, they always look so easy when they're being demonstrated and often aren't :). I admire your perseverance, if it was me it would probably have been at the back of the cupboard by now LOL! I can definitely see the debossed effect on the green ink card and it looks lovely. Look forward to seeing how it worked on the CC cardstock. Happy Valentine's Day sweetie, hope it's been a romantic one. Hugs, Chris xx

Riet said...

Ohhh wowww Sarita,what a beautiful card, i love your image.
So chique.
Hugs Riet.xx

alcoholinky said...

I'm surprised you didn't throw it out of the window! I had to go and research this as I hadn't come across this gizmo before. Sounds like there's a knack to it!! Love the effect you've achieved Sarita - look forward to seeing more. Hope you're chillin' now!

Grenouille Greetings said...

I don't actually know what a letter press is so I shall go and have a look in a minute but I think your images look fabulous! I am pleased to see you are getting back into the swing, Sarita, but avoid the stress, eh, it can't be good for you! I look forward to seeing more of your designs. Warmest wishes, Lesley

Julie said...

Well, practise makes perfect by the looks of it Sarita - your card is wonderful!! So sorry to hear how unwell you've been. I just popped by to get some inspiration for a card I need to make and I didn't want to to be a cute image. I thought of your elegant and sophisticated cards so here I am!! So many lovely cards and lots of ideas now!! Take care of yourself but keep making your beautiful cards!! Juliexx

Dolly said...

Thank for sharing this with us Sarita. I've beeen admiring the letterpress on QVC. Seems a bit too fiddly for me! You've created some stunning effects with it. :)xx

Fiona said...

Hi Sarita,
Your card looks fab, how patient are you? I hadn't heard of the letterpress before so I had a look at the youtube link. I think I will be giving this one a miss as I am too impatient, but it gives beautiful results.
Hope you are continuing to feel better, it's nice to see you and your wonderful creations back in blogland. Take it easy.

Jackie said...

You make a quite ordinary stamp come to life with your creations, this is superb :o)
Jackie xx


These look fabulous Sarita, i am glad you seemed to have got it worked out now. I dont have one and havn't heard much about it, but might check out that u tube tutorial later. I love what you've done and look forward to future postings using this technique! hugs Linda x

Steph said...

Isn't it a nightmare when you know the look you want to achieve but just can't get it?!!! The frustration level is crazy!!! I think your card looks asolutely stunning as ever, I love the teal cardstock too. I haven't even heard of the letterpress so I'm off to check it out!! x

José said...

Hi Sarita, What a beautiful card you have create. I hadn't heard from letterpress before, on the you tube film it seems so easy, but in real you have to practice very often I think.
Love José

Susan said...

I was tempted to get a Letterpress but after reading threads on UKScrappers about problems people were having with it decided to save my pennies.
I love what you have done with it but I know I would get too frustrated if things didn't go right.

Cazzy said...

Oh dear Sarita, I have bought one but not tried it and I have the Big Shot too. Hope it works but your attempts will help me have a go!

I bought an extra pack of card but it is very expensive so I will be looking out for an alternative.

Cazzy x