Thursday, 11 February 2010

A little update...

...just to explain why I've beeing MIA. Just over a week ago I came down with a serious bout of was so bad I collapsed and was taken to hospital and put on IV fluids. I can't remember the last time I felt so ill. However, although I am recovering from the gastroenteritis, they have discovered a problem with my heart following a routine ECG, which may account for why I have been feeling so exhausted and unwell for so long.

It would appear that a prescription drug I have been taking for many years can cause serious heart problems and the doctor has told me to stop taking it immediately. Apparently though it does not cause any permanent heart damage, and I already feel better since I stopped taking the drug.

I can't quite believe what has happened..if I hadn't gone into hospital and had this routine ECG I would still be none the wiser, and I now know it could have been fatal! Scary or what.

Anyway, fingers crossed they have already identified the cause. The moral of the story is, no matter how long you've been on a drug if you start having unusual symptoms check the information leaflet. I had had warning signs several years ago but I just didn't link it to the drug I was taking because I've been taking it for so long.

I am still very weak, but I am recovering and already thinking of my craft room. Crafting is always fantastic therapy for me and I have some new stash waiting for me!

I look forward to seeing what you've been up to since I've been gone, and I want to say thank you to those of you who e-mailed me because of your concern about my absence, you are such lovely people.


Vicki said...

Oh Sarita, hope you are back on your feet real soon and glad they've sorted you out now:)

Take care,

Vicki x

Mandi said...

Oh Sarita, I have been wondering and missing you!
How scarey, but, what a good job it happened...fate is fate eh!

So glad you are on the mend and will continue to do so even more now

Take Care of yourself GREAT to see you
Muxh love xx

Biscuitlid said...

Oh Sarita
I'm so glad that they've found what has been making you ill, awful way to find out but so so glad you're starting to feel on the mend already.

Look after yourself and take care

Merry said...

Oh glad that you are on the track to recovery. Take care.

Handmade with Love said...

Oh Sarita, how horrible for you but I am glad you are beginning to feel better. The craft room calling is always a good sign and we look forward to seeing your creations when you feel upto it. Take Care. Tracey x

Fiona said...

Crikey Sarita, you poor thing. I must admit I have been wondering about you as you did not post last weekend, and assumed it was your health, as you had mentioned you had been feeling poorly. I do hope you will see a marked improvement now.
Take care of yourself.
Fiona xx

Kaz said...

Poor you Sarita, what a shock you had. I hope that you start to get stronger each day, but make sure you rest properly.
I have been ill for many years and crafting has been the savour of my sanity, so I can understand how you feel.
Hope you're back on your feet soon xxx

Julie Allain said...

OMG Sarita you poor thing, the gastroenteritis was a blessing in disguise in the end though wasn't it, so glad that you are on the mend hun, take care of yourself xxx

Gunn (MsPlum) said...

Oh I am so sorry that you feel so down. That is quite a hard message to get. Scary! I really hope that they have found the right problem and that you will feel better soon!


Lynne said...

Aww Sarita how horrible for you but thank goodness it`s being sorted. You have been missed in blogland hun! God Bless for a speedy recovery.
Lynne xxx

Grenouille Greetings said...

I am sorry you have been so ill with the tummy bug. I sure wouldn't wish that on anyone but perhaps every cloud...
Without the gastroenteritis you may never have discovered an even worse problem and I hope you will soon be feeling 100%! Warmest wishes, Lesley

alcoholinky said...

it's the only time you'll be thankful for gastroenteritis Sarita! seriously though, so glad to hear that your exhaustion is being sorted out. and you must be on the mend if you're thinking of crafting. good to have you back!

Dolly said...

Oh Sarita, I was just beginning to wonder where you were.
At least you've found what's been making you ill, a blessing in disguise I guess.
Hope you're feeling much better soon.
Take care now. xxxx

Pam said...

You poor thing Sarita, hope you are better soon. Hugs Pam x

Ruth said...

Oh Sarita, Poor you! I do hope you feel a lot better soon, best wishes, Ruth x

Daysleeper said...

So sorry to hear that! Thank goodness you're getting better. Look after yourself and take it easy.
Olga x

Tara said...

Gosh Sarita, poor you hun! I'm sooooo glad you're on the mend and had wondered where you'd been..... thought you'd sneaked away on hols!!!
You take care and take it easy, thank goodness you found out about the heart problem and know what to do now ;o)
Big hugs, Tara xx

Crafty Katy said...

What a blessing that the problem has been discovered. Prayers for a speedy recovery. I do look forward to seeing another of your beautiful creations when you're back to it.

Sue C said...

Oh Sarita, how awful. At least you know what your dealing with now, take it easy and look after yourself. Sue C x

Kim Piggott said...

Oh my goodness Sarita how awful for you. I am so sorry that you have been feeling so very poorly and wish you a speedy recovery. Thank goodness that it was spotted at last for you.
Take care.
kim x


Hi Sarita - I am sorry to hear that you have been poorly, but I am so pleased for you that the doctors have discovered the problem. It's a good sign that you are now thinking of your crafting, and I hope your health continues to improve.
Take care - lots of love and hugs, Sylvia xxxxxxx

Jules said...

Oh wow Sarita .. .. .. definitely very, very scary.

Thank goodness you needed that hospital admission that's all I can say.

I hope you soon feel better than ever and I can't wait to see the produce of your new stash.

Take care.

Love Jules xx

Sue said...

Really sorry that you've been so poorly. Good news though that they have found the reason why you've been feeling so unwell. Hope to see you back fit and healthy very soon. Take care.x

judith@poppy cottage said...

So sorry you've been so ill Sarita, I'm not so good myself at the moment. Am thinking it's some tablets I'm taking, funnily enough, causing nausea, which just won't go away. Tablets eh? Take care, Judith x

Giovana said...

Hope you feel better soon!
Keeping you in my prayers.

Joanne Gilch said...

so glad to have you back.
such a testimonial for those who have been on a prescription medication. Certainly hope they caught it and you are on the road to recovery.

Georgia said...

Oh gosh Sarita, how scary - that's awful! I'm so sorry to hear you've been so ill, but I'm so glad they've found out the cause and I hope you feel much better soon!
Love, Georgia xx

Jo (Boots the Monkey) said...

I'm so sorry to hear you have been so poorly Sarita and thank goodness it was spotted. Here's to a speedy recovery and lots more crafting coming your way !

Much love,

Jo xxx

Steph said...

Oh poor you, Sarita. I have missed you and popped by every week to see where you were, I just assumed you were busy!!! I'm so glad you are feeling better now. Rest up and take good care of yourself. We'll all be waiting for you when you return xxx

Dawn said...

Oh my GOSH Sarita how scarey and thank god for your ECG, it was meant to be that you ended up in hospital although it must have been terrible at the time but boy I bet you are glad that your problem was discovered.
Rest well my friend and take care!


Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Sarita..

So glad to hear they've found the problem and you're on the mend.

Chris xx

butlersabroad said...

Incredible! Sorry you have been through so much and I hope you're feeling better soon. Dr's are so stupid just handing out stuff, long term drug use destroys your liver and they know that. I hate drugs and all the corporate greed that's behind them all, bottom line is they rarely give a crap about what happens to us!! Sorry! Rant over! Hope you find a better more natural way of controlling your symptoms.