Sunday, 6 December 2009

An interesting award...

Thank you to my lovely bloggy buddy Georgia who has passed this award on to me.

I have to tell you 7 interesting things about myself...I had trouble finding one but here goes!!

1. If I could live my life over I would be a storm chaser! I love bad weather, and would love to see a tornado in real life (from a distance of course lol)

2. I have serious problems with my immune system affecting my digestion, and have been very ill in the past. I have been hospitilised on countless occasions, often for months at a time. I have a severe intolerance to certain foods, one of which is rice. I had to give it up some 20 years ago, and I really miss it. My fave food used to be Chicken Biriyani and I still dream about it now!!

3. Despite my health problems I have been lucky enough to have seen quite a lot of the world. My fave place has to be Santereem in the heart of the Amazon. It's sheer beauty took my breath away. There I got to fish for Piranha and then eat them. Funnily enough they didn't cause my digestion any problems!!

4. I ended up on Chinese television when I visited Tiananmen square. Hubby disappeared sightseeing, when I was suddenly surrounded by a massive television crew and an elderly Chinese lady. Apparently she had never met a westerner and without any warning they thrust her towards me to shake hands with her on Chinese TV. I should have been quite thrilled with my 15 minutes of fame, but I hadn't slept the night before and hadn't bothered to put any make up on. Now anyone who knows me knows that I NEVER go out au naturale!! Honestly, my one shot at fame and I looked like a dog's dinner. The poor woman must think that's what all western people look like...ooh the shame lol. So if you go to China just pretend you don't know me OK?

5. I hate the telephone, especially mobile phones, and avoid them if at all possible. Great for emergencies I'll concede, but other than that I see them as an intrusion in my life!

6. I hate unwanted noise. I get very irritable if I don't have peace and quiet. Now you would be forgiven for thinking I'm getting old and it's just an age thing, but I've always been like it!
(I've just realised reading this back what an old misery I sound!)

7. Better make this one a positive! I feel very happy at this point in my life. I love my hubby dearly, love my two cats, love my job, have some very dear close friends, and love my crafting and all the bloggy buddies I've made along the way.

Well, I'm not sure any of this was that interesting lol, but now you know a little more about me.

I'm supposed to pass this award on to 7 other bloggers, but there are too many lovely blogs to name just a few, so if you haven't had this award yet, please take it and let me know so that I can come and read about you!


Mandi said...

Oh Sarita how interesting..Id struggle with one interesting fact believe me!

To top all that you are incredibly talented, but, I spose we know that already lol

Have a good week hun xx

alcoholinky said...

nah, more like just plain eccentric ROFL!! I didn't mean it. what an interesting life Sarita. At last - someone else who see's phones as just a plain nuisance!

Rufus said...

Interesting & fascinating. Glad there are a few people left who don't feel compelled to talk on their cell phones constantly! Drives me mad. My mom is gluten intolerant and one of the few things she can eat is rice!


Good morning Sarita, it is so lovely to learn a few more things about you. Im sure you didn't look half as bad as you make out on chinese tv!!!

Have enjoyed catching up with you your cards are all amazing, sorry ive not been about for such a long time, have a good week, hugs Linda x

Fiona said...

Me too! I hate mobiles. I only got one 2 years ago after much nagging from my mum, but only use it for texting very occasionally and never have it switched on.
Fiona x

Chrissie said...

I really enjoyed reading this, it's great to build up a picture of a friend I've never met!

Karen said...

How great to learn moer about you, Sarita! No rice....that must be hard. My son cannot have gluten (which rules out wheat, barley, rye, and often oats) or casein (the protein in dairy), and most preservatives. He doesn't end up in the hospital for it, but it does effect him quite adversely if he has any. Nice to know that your diet restrictions have not kept you from seeing the world. It sounds like you have had quite a few adventures!!

As for the phone and noise....I think you and my Hubby share a bit in common there! For a minute, I thought I was reading about him! lol

Thanks for your shares! :>