Saturday, 14 November 2009

The mystery is solved...

A short post to say a huge thank you to Mrs O, aka Sharon, for her lovely comment on my blog, and for identifying the manufacturer of the Christmas sentiment stamps that I used in my post of 08/11/09 and in my post earlier today.

The sentiments are by....drum roll...Delish Designs!! Of course I should have known as I adore all products by Delish. Apparently though they are like gold dust at the moment and very difficult to get hold of! If anyone does have any luck can they let me know and I will pass the information on.

In the meantime, er hem...I shall try not to throw away the wrappers of my stamps...


Jackie said...

Thank you for the info Sarita. I am guilty myself of throwing packaging away and then cursing :o)
Jackie xx

Nela said...

Sarita, your creations are sensacional! :) Love them all.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

KINHA said...

Olá amiga

Existem muitos blogs pelo mundo, mas poucos se destacam. O seu me pareceu
diferente por ter posts inteligentes e belas imagens.Se quiseres me seguir, ficarei muito feliz e te seguirei também.
Aproveito para lhe fazer um convite.
Amanhã. dia 17/11, o blog AMIGA DA MODA, completará 1ANO. Espero sua visita.

Christine (Craftling) said...

Yayyyy!! Woohoo! Thanks, Sarita (and Mrs O!) Gorgeous stamps indeed!

Chris xx