Friday, 3 April 2009

More swirls...

Can you tell I'm going through a swirls and flourish phase at the moment lol.

I really wasn't sure whether to put this card on my blog as I can't make up my mind about it...but I thought well I've made it now and someone out there may like it!!

I blended some lilac and green ink to create the background and stamped a black swirl a couple of times....this one is by Crafty Individuals. That was pretty much it. The upper sentiment is by Whiff of Joy and the lower sentiment is by Anna Griffin. The flowers are by Petaloo and Prima.

I feel I've lost my way with card making at the's not the same as losing your mojo as such....I seem to be going down a very simple card route at the moment...yet I've made hundreds of cards with lots of layers before...I suppose I'm so focused, and just happy, creating my backgrounds that every other aspect of card making has taken a back seat...I don't feel I have any particular style at the moment as I am experimenting with so many ideas, but then I think does it really matter? Well, I hope you don't mind lol, I'm sure normal service will resume soon!


Tab said...

You are the swirls and flourish queen, my love! Just love it and the colours are delish!
Have a great weekend!
Hugs Tab xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Sarita I love your card!
It is beautiful! I love your fabulous background and your swirls are gorgeous!
I don't think you have lost your way at all. Your cards are amazing!
kim x

Linda said...

This is lovely Sarita, and i love your work. The stamps you use and how you do your backgrounds this is your art coming out, and thats how your cards turn out. (hope this makes sence to you) Your cards are well better then the card shops cards. hugs lin xx

Riet said...

wowww Sarita,what a beautiful card,l love the colour.

hugs Riet.x

sukes7 said...

beautiful card, really delicate and a lovely sentiment luv sue x

Jackie said...

Beautifully stylish card, loving the colours. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, you may have noticed I'm into swirls myself :o)
Jackie xx

Karen said...

I don't think you've lost your way...sounds like you are growing and experimenting! I love all your flourish, swirls, and damasks that you've been using. And its neat to see new ideas played with. Keep playing, you are obviously very creative and talented! :>

torico said...

Sarita,I love your simple style.And it is great fun to create your backgrounds,isn't it?
I hope that you can find a new way!

Ruth said...

Beautiful card..I'm still loving your swirls as much as you are! Ruth x

Steph said...

You know there are always LOADS of people out there who adore your cards, Sarita. You could do fingerpainting on a card and it would still be fantastic!!! I love how you experiment with different styles and go through different phases- it's very artistic! Wish I could do more experimentation, I tend to just stick to the same thing x

Jules said...

Hi Sarita - if this is losing your way then I hope I get lost - and very soon.

Your cards are just simply devine and they give me great inspiration.

Sometimes I just think we are too critical of our own work.

Personally I find I struggle with multi-layers. If a card becomes too cluttered then I am not happy.

I will be stealing your technique of stamping swirls onto two different layers as this isn't something I have tried.

Take care - love Jules xx

All Pink girl said...

Hi Saritaxxxx
every time i come and see your cards they are more and more beautiful xxx
you are one cleaver lady xxxx
hugs Dawnxxx

Marcea said...

You bet I don't mind lady .... I just adore visiting you :o)
I love your cards and actually love the clean look to your cards. I think you are very very talented and should just enjoy the process, lol, listen to me .... but you know what I mean
Have a wonderful weekend hunny

Dolly said...

Loving the gorgeous swirls and the colour combo. Your blog is inspirational!
I'd like to try some inking and stamping some day, building up my confidence with paper first!
Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - very encouraging and much appreciated xx

Zinnia said...

Very lovely!!!!
oooxxx Zinnia

Sue said...

Beautiful card Sarita, its very classy looking, luv the swirls, sue.x

Mina said...

this is love it so much, your swirls are fantastic and as perfect as usual....stunning Sarita...I love all your work xxx

Susie Sugar said...

Sharp intake of breath !!!simply Beautiful as all your cards are ♥♥♥

Chris said...

Oh Sarita, I've missed shed loads of your cards the last week or two and it's been glorious catching up. I don't think you've lost your way at all darling and I think you do have a definite style which is beautiful whether it's layered or simply classic like this one. I received the most beautiful birthday card and when I opened the envelope I knew immediately before I looked inside who it was from...... you of course Sweetie and I just loved it, thank you so much and sorry I haven't been here to say this until now so you see you have a wonderful and recognisable style. Your cards look fabby on your blog but you can't beat having the real thing in your hand to get the full impact. It's a treasure of a card that I'll keep. Thank you again. Big hugs, Chris xxx