Friday, 30 January 2009

More Valentine Cards......

Still experimenting with designing Valentine's cards in my determination not to have to go and buy one for OH this year lol.

I designed these two cards using "Old Fashioned Girl papers from Pink Petticoat soon as I saw these new papers from PP I knew I had to have them......I love the vintage feel to the colours and the designs.
Why oh why is it, (perhaps it's just me) that when you have finished a card and photographed you see the flaws in it?? With the top card there should have been no gap between the lower stripe paper and the Martha Stewart punched card, and I think the heart is leaning to far to the left.....and with the lower one I don't like where I've put the swirl!!
I find I spend as much time trying to take a half decent photo as I do to make the card, so if I spot flaws afterwards it's just too bad lol.