Saturday, 31 January 2009

It appears that something has happened to my comments settings, and you were unable to post comments on my last couple of posts.

I can only think I've clicked on something I shouldn't have!! Must be all the excitement of the last week or so lol.

It appears to be OK now-can't have it not working as I love receiving your comments!


Marcea said...

phew, thank goodness youhave it sorted

Mandi said...

I know I spotted that, I so wanted to say they were rubbish LOL They are fantasttic as always Sarita...well dont on the Inspirational blog, very well deserved. I spotted the last 2 were similar to your 'old' style..Fabulous! Have a good day mandi xx

Rica said...

Hi Sarita - can comment now. Congrats on being featured on Inspirational and your Valentine card is just perfect - love everything about it.
hugs Heather xx

magic boxes said...

Hi Sarita

Just disovered your blog (via Inspirational) and I think your work is stunning.

Congratulations on being featured there - you deserve it!


Kirsten said...

Two utterly beautiful cards Sarita & congratulations on featuring on the Inspirational blog - it should have happened long ago, IMO! Kirsten.

Dawn said...

Sarita I just had to come visit - your cards are stunning and I love your two fur babies they are adorable - I have two of my own!!!


The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Soz you have been experiencing problems. Glad all sorted now, xxx

Sue said...

Hi Sarita, I was searching up and down for the comment box on your Valentine's cards, thought I was having another senile moment. Glad it's sorted now.

I love your Valentines cards, the colours are so rich and your layouts are fab as always.

Congratulations being featured on the Inspirational blog, I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. Sue.x