Thursday, 23 February 2017

Texture paste on acetate with Glimmer Mist...

This was definitely a "I wonder what would happen if..." moment for me when the thought of applying texture paste on to acetate popped into my head. I really did not know if it would work to be honest.

 Luckily it did...

  Prima Flourish Stencil on acetate 3

This was my kit. The lovely stencil by Prima is called "Flourish" and the Glimmer Mist colours I used are Sunkissed Peach and Sorbet.

  Prima Flourish stencil on acetate 4

I applied the Ranger Opaque Matte texture paste and sprayed the Glimmer Mist before the paste had dried. I suspect you are supposed to let the texture paste dry first. However, although it took a good couple of hours to dry with the Glimmer mist it turned out fine.

  Prima flourish stencil and Glimmer Mists 1

Here is a close up of the gorgeous Prima flourish stencil with the Glimmer Mist...

Prima Flourish Stencil and Glimmer Mist 2

This is the finished card before it had dried completely. I added a small sentiment by Stampin Up so as not to obscure the background too much.

Prima flourish stencil on acetate 5

...and this is what looked like when it was completely dry.

Prima flourish Stencil on acetate 1

It has made me re-think stencils. I don't actually have that many but can see I that I will want to experiment more with this technique so I will be searching for more lovely stencil designs. I really love the effect and I think applying texture paste is easier than stamping on to acetate.

Thank you for stopping by, I will be back soon x

Monday, 20 February 2017

Creating abstract art/background papers with gouache and Lindy's Moon Shadow/Starburst sprays...

I confess even though I have created art ever since I could hold a paintbrush I have never used gouache.

Gouache is an opaque water based paint. It is thicker in consistency than watercolour and because gouache is opaque the colours are more vibrant. I just bought a small relatively inexpensive set of gouache tubes to experiment. However rather than paint with it I have created these pieces of art by squishing the gouache between two pieces of ordinary white cardstock-no Gesso, no preparation at all. Because gouache is quite thick it creates a really lovely texture which actually becomes more visible as the paint dries. In fact because this was my first practice run with gouache I used the cheapest card I had and it still worked beautifully.

I applied the gouache in lines running diagonally across the card using Black, Burnt umber, Yellow Ochre, Naples yellow and Cream . When you first pull the two pieces of card apart I can virtually guarantee you will think "Yuk". However, because gouache is water based when you start to apply the shimmery spray inks on top all sorts of lovely magic starts to happen. I used Lindy's Screamin' Banshee Black (one of my fave's) and some Opal Sea Oats for a golden shimmer.

And as the paint stays wet for quite a while I added a little gold Pearl Ex lustre powder as well. 

  Gouache abstract 3

First up, sample number one, the first "squish and spray".

  Gouache abstract 2a

In the second sample I lightly spritzed with water and re-squished the paint and inked card with a clean piece of card which softened some of the texture.

gouache abstract 1a 

As impatient as ever I took some photos before it had all dried and noticed the paint on the card standing at the back had started to run...

  Gouache abstract 4

Happy accident...

  gouacher abstract 5

It has all dried out beautifully without losing the depth of colour. I love, love the outcome and may even apply the same principle on canvas to create art for the home. 

I am loving creating background designs at the moment and hope to be back with more soon x

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Texture tags with Lindy's Magical spray inks...

I recently invested in some Lindy's Magicals Starburst and Moon Shadow sprays and was really blown away by the beautiful colours. For these tags I've used Opal Sea Oats and Bluebeard Blue Violet. I was a bit sceptical as to whether to buy these shimmer sprays as I have bought other brands in the past only to be disappointed at the lack of depth of colour, but Lindy's have a fantastic pigment and produce a gorgeous rich colour.

Lindy's metallic magicals mixed media grunge tag 1 

To create a bit of texture I die cut my tags just from some white cardstock and then squished some Ranger Texture paste between the tags and another piece of card. When you pull them apart you get a raised texture. I then just sprayed my Starburst sprays straight over the top of the paste and the rest of the tag. The Ranger paste does not resist the ink and takes on the colour of the spray.

  lindy's metallic magicals mixed media grunge tag 4

I sponged a bit of Black Soot ink around the edge of the left hand tag and added some gold Pearl Ex for extra shimmer.

  lindy's metallic magicals mixed media grunge tag 5

 I've also used Glimmer Mist in Dark Denim, a gorgeous rich dark blue which I've used on the right hand tag.

  Lindy's metallic magicals mixed media grunge tag 2

A close up really shows the lovely texture and colours...

  Lindy's metallic magicals mixed media grunge tag 3

Of course these Tim Holtz Idea-ology Ornate Book Plate frames lend themselves to these grungey creations.

  lindy's metallic magicals mixed media grunge tag 6

Well I hope you like these li'l creations as I hope to do more like this in the future.

Have a great weekend x

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Wavy Lines...

Warning, you may need your sunglasses for this one! 

The background was created by simply smooshing Tim Holtz ink in Mustard Seed and Picked Raspberry onto some cardstock using an acrylic block.

Then I stamped this beautiful Wavy Lines stamp by Impression Obsession from the Foiled Fox over the top of my inky background. I think this stamp is full of impact and I think it would also be great for more masculine cards with a simple change of colour behind it.

Wavy Lines card 1 

I've simply added a Prima flower, some yellow satin ribbon and a sentiment stamp by the fab Paula Pascual.

  Wavy Lines card 2

I don't think I've ever created quite such a bright and bold card but I love it. 

Don't forget to hop over to the Foiled Fox for fab products and inspiration.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Another little original watercolour...

Well I did say I was going to do more watercolour painting and this is my latest creation...

Watercolour flower 2a 

I have invested in a few different types of watercolour brushes. One of the best watercolour brushes for trees, and the mottled effect on my flowers, is a fan brush and I think I will use this a lot in my painting.

Now my little flowers are not meant to be particularly realistic in form or colour, just my artistic interpretation of a flower and whatever pops into my head at that time, not even sketching them first.

  Watercolour card 4

And then of course I just cropped it to incorporate it into my card.

  Watercolour flower 2b

I'm still very much at the experimenting stage as it has been so long since I have really done any serious painting. And I don't just paint flowers. In the past I have painted animals, landscapes, all sorts really so who knows what I may do next!

I shall be entering this card for this week's Less Is More challenge.

See you again soon x


Although I love creating my own background designs, sometimes it is nice to have a background stamp that does the hard work for you, and this one by Impression Obsession called "Cover-a card Gradation"  from The Foiled Fox is just lovely. The clue is in the title in that it is such a big stamp (5.75 " x 5.75") it does indeed cover the whole card all in one go so no horrid line breaks and trying to match up edges of stamps to get a repeat pattern.

The design does remind me a little bit of snakeskin, I really love it. 

  Valentine card 4a

I've stamped it in Adirondack ink in Pebble, a sort of grey/green colour. The additional edge stamp  is from the stripe builder stamp set by Concord and 9th from the Foiled Fox.

And because the stamp is so big I also made a matching envelope. I used a template and stamped each corner of the envelope before scoring and folding it to ensure it was stamped perfectly.

  Valentine card 4b

One of my New Year's resolutions is to use long forgotten embellishments buried in my craft stash, and so I dug out some eyelets, definitely underrated by me and underused, so glad to have found them again.

Anyway, there are lots of gorgeous background stamps at The Foiled Fox so get on over there and take a peek! See you soon x

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Losing my marbles...

This card had originally been destined for the bin.

I made it a few weeks ago using the "marbling with shaving foam" technique.  I have done this technique many years ago but just felt like giving it another go as it has been so long.

I used pink and yellow Dylusion inks, but when I first lifted the paper off the colours just seemed too vivid and it looked a bit of a mess. So I just put it to one side on my craft table, thought about binning it but ended up just forgetting about it.

To my surprise, when I looked at it today I realised the marbling had faded and the colours were  much more subdued. 

  Marbled card 2 

It was a bit of an "OMG" moment. Now I really love it.

  Marbled card 1

If you haven't ever given it a go there are lots of tutorials on Youtube. It is a bit of a messy technique but I will definitely be experimenting with different colours now that it finally turned out OK.

Just one of the many things I love about crafting, you never quite know how things will turn out!

Anyway, bye for now x

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Stripe builder...

I can't believe it is nearly the end of January. I also can't believe I'm still trying to recover from this horrid virus that has been sweeping the country. I'm pretty much over it now but it has left me feeling very tired which is why my blogging has been slow lately.

Anyway, I did finally manage to get into the craft room to play with this lovely stamp set by Concord and 9th called Stripe builder from The Foiled Fox. You must know by now how much I am enjoying playing with stripes, and these lovely wide stripes are just fab.

I could have chosen any colour but I really love the combination of mocha and black.

Stripe card 1 

I think to get a solid inked stripe pigment ink or Versafine works well, but as I didn't have any of these in the colour I wanted I have used Adirondack dye based ink instead in Mushroom. I quite like the slightly mottled effect and think it gives it a weathered look.

  Stripe card 2 

The background flourish is by Stampin Up, as is the punched heart. And the Valentine sentiment is by Hero Arts.

  Stripe card 3

Well that's it for now. Don't forget to hop over to The Foiled Fox online store and blog for fab inspiration!

I'll be back soon hopefully in between resting x

Sunday, 22 January 2017


Hi again everyone. I'm back with a couple more Valentine's cards and have been playing with some leftover strips of my pinstripe background stamp.

  Valentine's card 3c

I do love the stripes, I think they add a bit of drama to the card. I've used the Stampendous Fanciful Frames stamp to frame my design. 

  Valentine's card 3d

The love die is by Hero Arts, and I've used Tim Holtz Seedless Preserves for both the heart and the love sentiment.

  Valentine's card 3b

And then, still using the pinstripe stamp, I created a different layout but used the same colours...

  Valentine's card 3a

I simply die cut the elements first and then played around with layout until I was happy with it. I love the die cut flourish which is by Penny Black.

  Valentine's card 2a

The sentiment is by Papertrey called Side by Side sentiments, and the Valentine stamp is an old stamp by Hero Arts.

  Valentine's card 2c

It was quite deliberate to have the stripes going in different directions.

  Valentine's card 2b

Well, I'm certainly getting value for money from this pinstripe stamp and know I have not yet finished with it.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, I will be back soon x

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Painting your own watercolour image...

I was in two minds whether to post these photos. I haven't done any drawing or watercolouring for ages and was just playing around with some new watercolour brushes. Before I knew it I had painted these little flowers, and after die cutting the image onto a stitched rectangle I kinda liked it so I thought I would create a card with it.

I know the idea of stamping is to save having to draw or paint your own images, but there is something very satisfying about creating your own image, knowing it is truly unique. I think also you can add so much more shade and colour that can be very difficult do with a stamp.

Of course, there is one thing using someone else's design, but when I create an image myself, it feels like I'm kinda laying myself bare because it has come from me, and at the moment I'm certainly not confident!

  Watercolour flower handmade card 1a

I like the idea of merging my love crafting with drawing and painting, but I am definitely out of practice of the latter. Also, there is one thing watercolouring onto an A4 sheet of paper, but it is challenging downsizing the images to incorporate them into a 6" x 6" card. 

  Watercolour flower handmade card 2a

I know I can do better than this, this really was just a little practice, but I hope it gives a flavour of hopefully things to come as I do intend to do more painting this year.

Anyway, I hope you like, see you soon x

Saturday, 14 January 2017


Hi everyone, hope you are well and haven't suffered too much with the bad weather this week. 

I'm still in Valentine's day mode with this creation...

  Valentine's card 1c

I masked off the side of the card and then used Lindy's Magical Cape Cod Coral powder paint from the Nantucket Pearls set. I spritzed a small amount of water on top of the powder from the side of the card to give this explosion of colour.

The "love" die is from Hero Arts Love Stamp and Cut set, and the bracket is by Stampendous called Fanciful Frames.

  Valentine's card 1b

Finally the Truly, Madly, Deeply stamp is by Papertrey from the Side By side sentiment stamp set.

  Valentine's card 1a

Hope you like, and thank you for stopping by!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Valentine, be mine...

A very happy New Year to everyone!

I'm glad to report I am feeling a bit better and have been able to get back into my craft room. Having been in Christmas crafting mode for the last few months it is refreshing to focus on something else, and as Valentine's day is not that far away I thought I would make this my next project.

I do love this collage style of card making, although I do not find it easy to master. 

The first thing was to create an inky background but in a very small area so I used my smallest acrylic block to apply some Lindy's Magicals in Salt Water Taffy. You can see the technique I used here

  Valentine card 1

The lovely bracket stamp is by Technique Tuesday called Functuation. I have had this stamp set for at least 10 years and never used it. I always knew one day I would find a use for it.

  Valentine Card 2

The arrow stamp is from Kaisercraft Edges stamp set, and the "be mine" die cut is Penny Black.

  Valentine Card 3

Well, it's good to be back. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend, see you soon x